First Friday

This month’s event sponsor and overall Diamond sponsor is ArcLight6 who is a risk-based, security-centric engineering firm with core expertise in cyber security, network engineering, cloud solutions, and aerospace engineering. Their unique understanding of government compliance standards help their clients align engineering solutions to government requirements.
Peter Hancock
Kate Hatten
Joseph Cheung
Dr. Shawn P. Murray
Vincent (Vinnie) Persichetti

Event Sponsor

Who you will hear from

Event Speakers

Peter Hancock

President, Professional Employment Group of Colorado

Kate Hatten

Executive Director, Home Front Military Network

Joseph Cheung

Principal Architect, ArcLight6

Dr. Shawn P. Murray

Murray Security Services

Vincent (Vinnie) Persichetti

Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Raymond Schouten

CEO/Chief Architect / Quantum Internet

What you need to know

Event Details

Hello Everyone! It’s Cybersecurity 1st Friday! Welcome back for the June event!

This month we will hear from Ray Schouten, CEO/Chief Architect at Secure Quantum Services who will provide an update on how they are harnessing the power of quantum technology to build a secure and efficient global quantum network.

We will also hear from Kate Hatten, Executive Director at the Home Front Military Network with an update of services they offer. We will introduce Peter Hancock, President at Professional Employment Group of Colorado to discover what they are contributing to the ecosystem.

Finally, we will have a special presentation from Joesph Cheung who is the founder and Principal Architect at Arclight6 Consulting, LLC. He will provide an update on what initiatives they are working on. Be sure to check out the new podcast we recorded with Joseph last week! 

We will have updated community announcements and other event dates as well.

June's food truck is a CFF Favorite! "Papa Bear'z Grill"! 

We will have some additional Cybersecurity First Friday merchandise.

June's First Friday will be held at the National Cybersecurity Center and is co-hosted by the Murray Security Services and Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC.Hope to see you there!

So, grab your favorite beverage and join us.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Please create an account and register for June's Cybersecurity  First Friday on this website!

Shawn & Vinnie

National Cybersecurity Center (NCC)
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